Listen or watch again: Outputs from JISC ALLE session

Last Friday we had the privilege of welcoming Lyn Greaves and her colleagues at the University of West London to present some of the findings from their JISC-funded work on an Anytime Learning Literacies Environment (ALLE). Slides, audio and a recording of the Blackboard Collaborate session can be found below:


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Seeking Feedback as well as researching the topic

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Throughout the life of the Assessment & Feedback programme the JISC support & synthesis team will be looking at baseline summaries, interim reports, blogs, websites and a host of other outputs from the projects and summarising them for the wider sector.

As a starting point for this synthesis activity we have developed an outline ‘framework’ that identifies some of the questions we are hoping to answer through the programme. We have decided to publish this outline in order that people with an interest in the subject can feed back to us on the draft questions. We know that the projects involved in the programme will have a particular interest in this but we hope also to gain perspectives from the wider community in order to ensure that we are tackling the key issues and addressing the questions people most want answered.

We also welcome your thoughts on what types of evidence you would find most compelling and what kind of outputs/resources (and in what formats) you would like to see from this programme.

The draft synthesis framework is available from the Design Studio here and you can use the comment facility on the page to send us your feedback (you will need to be logged in to do this). We will continue to review the approach throughout the life of the programme but we would welcome comments on this first draft by the end of January 2012.

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Book now: Outcomes from JISC-funded ALLE project session


After the success of the Visitors and Residents session before Christmas, we’re excited to announce another equally-exciting (and free!) session for which booking is now open.

Lyn Greaves from the University of West London will share the findings of the JISC-funded ALLE project. The session will run from 14:00 on Friday 20th January 2012 and Lyn’s overview can be found below:

Whilst there is a wealth of experience across the sector in supporting digital and information literacies with our learners, it is often dispersed and difficult for students most in need to access at the appropriate point in their studies. They need the very skills they are searching for before they can find them. Using the LLiDA findings our response was the development of a digital learning literacy environment.

The literacy environment is comprised of a series of learning objects organised in three parts: the Academic Journey, the Library Learning Journey and Digital Tools for Learning. The literacy environment has been used and evaluated by over 200 first-year business students.

As well as creating new resources, existing interactive materials customised for generic reuse were brought together in a cohesive and structured framework enclosed in a wraparound shell. We will share how we made effective use of ‘best’ pedagogy knowledge and resources to maximise OER potential.

Please do book your place using the following link (and encourage others to do likewise!)

Book now:

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Tracks in the snow: finding and making sense of the evidence for institutional transformation

As we trudge into the New Year many projects are getting to grips with developing a baseline and deciding how they will measure the transformational impact of their work. It therefore seems seasonal to revisit a session at last year’s ALT-C conference where we explored these issues.

The ‘Tracks in the Snow’ post on the Curriculum Design and Delivery programme blog summarises some theoretical models that are of relevance and takes a look at how some large scale projects have approached measuring transformation. Hopefully it will provide some food for thought as you start out on this journey.

Finally, if you’re still in holiday mode, remember that Panto season isn’t over yet! You can still watch the video stream of JISC and the Beanstalk from UCISA CISG. The session covers the themes of Cloud Computing, SOA, Product Modularisation, Shared Services and EA. The second half of the session (from about 20 mins) looks at some of the experiences of process improvement from the JISC Flexible Service Delivery programme. You can also go direct to the Improving Organisational Efficiency suite of infoKits to find more tools, tips and case studies on process improvement.

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