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There is some fantastic reflective work going on within the project blogs associated with the JISC Developing Digital Literacies Programme. These are collated on our Netvibes page.

A couple of resources shared by Shirley Williams on the University of Reading’s project blog are worth highlighting:

Vitae in partnership with The British Library are running Digital Researcher 2012: an innovative, thought-provoking one day event to help researchers make the most of new technologies and social media tools in their research.

You can listen to what happened at the last event via their Podcast.


There is a new journal of Academic Writing it is open access and peer reviewed so readers can access the materials and have confidence in the fact that materials are reviewed.

The first paper caught my attention as it mentioned Digital Literacies:

Parker, J., Academic and Digital Literacies and Writing in the Disciplines: A Common Agenda? Journal of Academic Writing, 2011. 1(1): p. 1-11.


Having reviewed the work of many others presented at conferences within the discipline of Academic Writing she concludes that Digital Literacies is a rapidly evolving field. However there are no major recommendations in the paper, however she does identify that there is a need for a common agenda across diciplines.

Resources and information about the Digital Literacies programme are shared via the JISC-DIGLIT-PUBLIC mailing list (and this blog).

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